Face coverings mandated

Face coverings are required in San Bernardino County amid the COVID-19 emergency. Several local businesses have face coverings available. This photo is from Bad Bear Sportswear in Big Bear City, which according to its Facebook page has face coverings available for $2.50 each.

Face coverings are required, no exceptions, for all of San Bernardino County. Anyone leaving their home for any reason, even to go to work, must wear a face covering.

Acting health officer Dr. Erin Gustafson issued the order mandating face coverings late April 7 for San Bernardino County. Face coverings can secure to the ears or the back of the head and must cover the mouth and nose. Homemade masks, bandanas, neck gaiters and handkerchiefs can be used.

Surgical masks and N95 masks must be reserved for healthcare providers and first responders.

The face coverings are helpful in preventing the spread of COVID-19, especially among those who may be asymptomatic, Gustafson said.

Anyone who leaves their home for any reason is required to wear a face covering. This includes going to the grocery store, those who are working at essential businesses, or even walking the dog. Gustafson reminded the public that staying home, social distancing and frequent hand washing are more effective ways to combat COVID-19. Wearing a face covering is not a substitute for those practices, she said.

As of April 8, the number of positive cases of COVID-19 in San Bernardino County stands at 547, with 17 deaths attributed to the coronavirus. No new cases have been reported in Big Bear, which has five cases. Of the five, three are in the city of Big Bear Lake and two are in the unincorporated area of Big Bear City.

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They (Sheriff's Dept) has since announced they will not actively enforce this "order".


Shhhhhh! Don't let them know or they wont wear em'.


Walking the Dog? This is total garbage

I understand the safety of going to the store, but walking the dog with a mask on and no one near me? Fear is what you guys are spreading. Didn't see this when H1N1 was running rampant

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