Effective immediately, all indoor operations for fitness centers, worship services, offices for noncritical sectors, personal care services, hair salons and barbershops, nail salons and malls in San Bernardino County must close.

Governor Gavin Newsom issued new orders July 13 effective immediately that closed a number of sectors in the 30-plus counties on the watch list. Additionally, the governor closed all indoor dining in restaurants and wineries, breweries, zoos, family entertainment, museums and card rooms in the entire state. Also, all bars in the state are closed immediately. Those sectors were closed July 1 in 23 counties that were on the monitoring list at that time. San Bernardino County is on the monitoring list and has been since before the July 1 announcement.

Newsom referred to the dimmer switch, and today turned it way down in response to the increase in positive cases in the state. The statewide positivity rate is at 7.4 percent. The positivity rate for San Bernardino County is 10.7 percent.

“COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon,” Newsom said during his briefing July 13. Californians must adopt new behaviors if we hope to slow the spread of the coronavirus, he said.

Newsom went on to remind people to limit gatherings and mixing with people outside your household. When you must mix, do so outside, he said. Wear masks, Newsom said, adding that the evidence is there that the countries that have taken bolder steps in requiring masks are doing better than the U.S. and California.

As of July 13, Big Bear has added another two cases to its total, brining the number of positive COVID-19 cases to 28. There have been 17 new cases reported within the past month; the first 11 cases were during a three-month period. It is expected that those 11 patients have recovered.

In San Bernardino County, there are 20,582 reported COVID-19 cases with 307 deaths. The data shows 10,832 of those patients have recovered. The median age of those infected with COVID-19 in April was 54 years old. As of July 13, the median age of those with COVID-19 in San Bernardino County is 39 years old.

There are 564 patients with COVID-19 hospitalized in San Bernardino County and 88 suspected COVID-19 patients hospitalized. There are 165 COVID-19 patients in ICU and 11 suspected COVID-19 patients in ICU.

The governor’s orders are effective immediately. This means all fitness centers, worship centers that may have re-opened, hair salons, nail salons, barbershops and personal care services must close or find a way to take their operations outside.

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