Highway 38 is closed in both directions between Lake William and Angelus Oaks. It's unknown when it will re-open.

A fatal traffic collision occurred at approximately 1 p.m. June 24. Details are still coming in, but early information from the California Highway Patrol shows two vehicles collided head on. One vehicle was apparently passing other vehicles when it crashed into oncoming traffic.

The San Bernardino County coroner's office is en route to the crash site.

As more information becomes available, this story will be updated.

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[sad] Sadly many locals opt to drive recklessly with no consideration for many novice drives on the road, especially the visitors... This is not a move in the right direction for the economy and welfare of all permanent residents of the BB area... PLEASE be more considerate to others especially to the source of our survival so we enjoy Heaven on Earth, and they get a good chance of coming & seeing it all, SAFE and sound. Thanks to all [crying]


I don't know if this was the case in this accident, but I commute from BB the back way, and every time people pass on the double yellow. I think traffic fines should be much higher for passing on double yellow. Why are people in such a hurry. I don't understand.


My condolences to both families and friends. People need to stop driving impatiently going up and down that mountain. Please for all of our sake.

Char Cee

I have a cabin as my second home and drivers drive 100 miles an hour on the 38 like it was a race track. I get tail gated every time and I go the speed limit 55 to 60. Safe on those turns, I am surprised there are not more accidents. Plus so many people are coming up Big Bear is getting a little too crowded for my peaceful cabin experience. More police should be giving tickets. God Bless.


I have found the abusers to be the flatlanders who have no idea what it takes to drive in the mountains. Locals eventually just chill and accept we have a 20-mile long driveway. :>

Tim Shaughnessy

There will always be fast drivers, so use the pull outs when being followed. Let those who need to travel fast for what ever reason do so, just stay safe and let them pass safely, use the pull outs.


6/24/20 I was sitting in the lineup of traffic when this fatal accident had occurred about a half hour before coming to a standstill, I seriously hate the term flatlanders, they are not the ones causing these problems, as I was driving down before I got stuck in the traffic two cars one I’ve seen before passing over the double yellow lines I was probably going 60 miles an hour And he drove by me no doubt: 75 or 80 miles an hour he was gone so quickly you would never have known he was there, And a few days before that my friend was driving and this UPS truck I have video and photos because I was not driving was tailgating us so closely she couldn’t slow down enough to pull over safely as we approached ANGELUS OAKS you have To slow down to 35 just before entering the town he crosses over the double line I’ve got videos and trying to see were I can post them and turn him in, i’m tired of people driving like maniacs on this mountain and then they wonder why they are killed or kill someone else, the 18/330 Is the worst I try to avoid that but yesterday since it was a fatal accident on 38 I had to go that way and cannot believe how people take those turns posted this 6/25/20


The issue here is you slower people are refusing to use the turnouts. If you feel unsafe use the turnout. if someone is tailgating use the turnout. if someone wants to pass, let them and use the turnout. Let me try and get to the point, please if you are from down the hill OR up the hill use the turnouts. If there is someone behind you that is a bad, or a aggressive driver then let them go by. If you try to hold them back they will not be waiting. So please all of you use the turnouts. This is mountain etiquette and common courtesy as well as common sense. go as slow as you want to but PLEASE use the turnouts.


I disagree. They should abide by the speed limits. There is no reason to pull over if you are going the speed imit, and usually 10 MPH above These are people that need to be stopped/slowed down. They are deadly. Why give them a pass for breaking the law and being an endangerment. More CHP needed.


Actually the law is if there are 5 cars or more and the lead vehicle is traveling slower than the usual flow of traffic, you shall use the turn outs. Increasingly more and more cars are driving 35-40 mph up the mountain. They don't turn out! Idiots then pass unsafely. They are all idiots. The slow drivers refusing to turn out and the idiots who drive unsafe!


You can disagree, but the 38 is posted all over for slower traffic to pull use the pullouts. It is a courteous thing to pull over and it is the law. Please don't take it upon yourself to be the road monitor. It will anger people and you will be part of the cause of accidents.


i was there


The two women in the other car (both of which I know) weren’t responsible. If someone is erratic while driving I agree you should use the pull out in order to remove yourself from danger. But don’t blame cautious drivers for accidents caused by reckless ones. He shouldn’t have pulled into the opposite lane endangering not only his life but others as well.


After driving up and down for the past 16 years I have found it's more the visitors that speed down the hill. People up in Big Bear tend to drive 35 down the hill all the way. They do not use turnouts and speed up in the passing lanes. Some days I want to relaxed and drive slow but i move over in either the passing lane or turnout. Slow drivers dont read the turnout signs. The actual speed limit is 55 unless its icy or their is a sharp curve. I think they think they are self appointed traffic cops. I've had to get to Dr. appointment and ended up behind them. It took me 1hrs and 15 minutes to get to Mentone. what is so hard about pulling over into a turnout. I have honked to remind them there's a turnout and they ignore it. I never hurrash


@drauch People not using turnouts and then gassing it in the passing lanes drives me crazy. I don't condone unsafe passing or driving, but the slow people not using turnouts and trying to block people in passing lanes leads some people to do extreme things. Saw someone pass another car in a turnout recently because a slow vehicle with 15 of us behind them refused to use a turnout.

heidi lemmon

I drive the 38 2x a week. People need to use the turnouts. That sort of own the road belligerence is what kills people. If anyone comes up behind me I pull over at next turn out and people usually do the same for me but not always. Its thoughtless and dangerous to act like you own the road. You don't.

John Hicklemore

The guy tried to pass a trailer on a corner but he hit a car trying to do it so that caused him to die. I watched him die.


Hi John He was my family member. You said you saw him die how was that i know he was doing wrong on speeding but he was a life and it hurts that he is no longer with us his kids. The officer said it was a instant death wondering if it really was so sorry to bother you with this kind of question.


Speed limit most of the way is 55 unless otherwise posted. Driving under the posted speed limit is just as dangerous as going over the speed limit as others have said use the turnouts don’t be an idiot the world doesn’t revolve around you.


Driving down today was si stressful. I go the speed limit but people want to zoom on down the road. I pull over. What's the rush. Take in the beauty. It is the scenic route. So sad someone died because someone was impatient. Not worth it. We all need to slow down and appreciate the beautiful land scape. Not too slow pull over if someones on your but. I do. Just fill pressured to drive faster which is uncomfortable for me. . It shouldn't be stressful. It's not a race track.


I was involved in the accident and if any of you know her please respond to my comment she and her family helped my sister and i. shes a literal angel her name is rhoda.


I saw your post and will let Rhoda know. She was glad to help. I am glad you guys are okay.

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