As the city of Big Bear Lake has respectfully decided to forgo enforcement of the Governor's shutdown orders, it is more important than ever that our Community, Businesses and Guests all continue the amazing efforts and progress we've made to minimize the effects of the COVID-19 disease.

The city has approved a Re-Opening Plan designed to keep our community and guests safe as we begin to re-open businesses, lodging, restaurants, and recreation. The threat of a spike in coronavirus cases is still very real and it will take the cooperation of everyone in the Valley - residents, businesses, and tourists included - to follow the City Council's Plan.

Vital re-opening guidelines in the Plan include:

• All individuals should carry face coverings for use during interactions with others

• A 50% occupancy of posted limits for businesses, group, or church establishments

• Maintaining a minimum of 6 foot separation from all patrons, employees and other persons

• Installation of hand washing/sanitizing stations

• Implementation of PPE for employees

• Face coverings for all business operations

• All businesses should implement "Best Practices" to promote the safety of employees, patrons and our community members

• All businesses should provide staffing at the entrance to effectively maintain proper physical distancing among patrons

• Group gatherings should be limited to no more than 10 individuals

• Our most vulnerable members of the community should continue to take special precautions and limit interactions with others to the maximum extent practical

Read the full guidelines from the City HERE.

Read COVID-19 Best Practices & Community Guidelines from Visit Big Bear HERE.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated as we continue to revive and rebuild our community!

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I understand that people need to get back to work and make a living. While all of the above makes sense, and I and my family will be following the rules, these are really just suggestions. If there are no plans to enforce any of this then it has no teeth! I don't really worry so much about the people who live here but what about the large number of visitors who will be crowding into the valley this weekend and every weekend thereafter? Are there any plans to get this information to them? How?

Yes, our numbers have been very low but what about people coming from others areas? Areas that may have had alarming numbers? I just do not understand how you get people to follow rules when there are no plans to enforce them? And then with so many paper, health and cleaning supplies already low or missing completely from our local grocery store shelves, do the residents now have to compete with visitors for that? Anyone who is shopping up here weekly knows what I mean, it's not an exaggeration, it's a fact. Some items are still hard to find. I don't relish the idea of having to now hunt for these items in a store that's even more crowded, packed with people from other areas who may not be wearing masks. I guess we wait and see what happens?


I doubt that the kitchen at the Grizzly Manor is 6 feet wide, so it will only accommodate 1 cook, and nobody to help? How long will the Saturday morning line get to be? And of course they will have to remove half of the dining tables. And how will the waitress put food on the tables if they can't get within 6 feet of a diner?

Of course the same questions will apply at BLT, and Maggio's, and of course Subway (no more three people passing your being-built sandwich down the line), and Saucy Mama's, and so on. So opening the town will have very little effect on restaurants.

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