Miss Big Bear 2019

Trinity Lowe is crowned Miss Big Bear first priincess 2019 by Morgan Schetter, Miss Big Bear first princess 2018. Lowe temporarily lost her crown.

Trinity Lowe’s position as first princess on the Miss Big Bear court has been reinstated. She can wear her crown and sash, even at peaceful protests to support the Black Live Matter movement.

Lowe graduated from Big Bear High School June 12. The president of the high school performing arts club took part in the peaceful protests in Big Bear in early June. She asked the Miss Big Bear Instagram account to post supporting Blackout Tuesday, shared resources online and provided links to donate to the movement.

Controversy over a social media post that led to Lowe stepping down from the Miss Big Bear court split the Big Bear community with positions taken on both sides. The Miss Big Bear pageant director said she decided to reinstate Lowe’s title after thinking over the matter more. The pageant director has asked that her name not be used, only her title. She claims she has received death threats since the controversy began.

On June 3, Lowe posted on Facebook calling members of the community passively racist resulting in her being asked to step down from the Miss Big Bear court. “I had made a post about a peaceful protest that I had attended in Big Bear, trying to say that it was peaceful,” Lowe said about her social media post. “At the end of my statement I said, ‘It makes me sick to my stomach to see how some people in this town are passively racist.’ That is what I said.”

Her views were in support of the Black Lives Matter movement but resulted in members of the community to call for Lowe’s dethronement. She was officially asked to step down June 10. Lowe said losing her title and scholarship wasn’t the issue; it was how she lost them that upset her.

“I want to make it clear that this is not about her protesting or the BLM movement, preaching her (First) Amendment right,” the director said. “This was a matter of two rules broken in the contract. She (Lowe) wasn’t apologetic for what she posted, which is fine because people have the right to feel the way they feel.”

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Thank you Trinity for your courage. People who think there is no racism here because we don't have "whites only" signs on our stores are at best being naive about racism. and at worst are intentionally ignorant.

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