East Launch Ramp

The public boat launch ramps operated by the Big Bear Municipal Water District, like the East Boat Launch pictured here, are used to launch a variety vessels, from sailboats, motorized boats, personal watercraft and kayaks.

The boating season on Big Bear Lake has been postponed until at least April 7. The Big Bear Municipal Water District board of directors voted 3-1 to move the opening date of the East Ramp public launch from April 1 to April 7.

Bob Ludecke voted no, saying April 7 is still too early in light of COVID-19. Board member John Eminger was not present during the telephone meeting.

Board member Tom Bradford is in favor of opening the lake to boating. “A person on a boat in Big Bear Lake is not a threat to spread the virus. They can maintain the 6-foot distance.”

Recreation has been limited across the state amid the COVID-19 crisis. Amusement parks, beaches and even hiking trails have closed under the governor's stay at home order issued March 19. Other recreation type sites across the nation have followed suit, including boating in Florida prohibited.

Essential services and businesses listed on the governor's order do not include recreational boating, marinas and launch ramps. The city of Big Bear Lake and Visit Big Bear have issued statements asking those considering visiting Big Bear to stay home and come back when the health crisis is over. Lodging is closed in Big Bear.

The board will revisit the plan to open during a committee meeting March 31 and again at its April 2 board meeting.

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Chris Costlow

[thumbdown] I think "Postponed indefinitely" would have been preferable to those of us with no say in the matter.


What is more important, our health or our wealth??? Follow the California guidelines, that means recreation, restaurants,ski resorts, any place where people gather in large groups. Marinas have to employ people, lake patrol and those people that are needed to provide service and safety. The sooner we beat this problem the better. I sincerely hope that we all survive this extreme test for our community.


I also think the lake should be closed indefinitely folks from all over down the hill will come up not just on the lake but stopping to pick up food and snacks and could spread the virus without knowing it. All other recreation activities are closed. Think about our health not your pocket books!

Gene Gene fishing machine

I think Big Bear lake boating should be open to private local boaters only. If you have a slip in the marina you should be able to launch your boat and park it in your slip. Public launch ramps should not be open to Flatlanders only two private local Big Bearians. Driving in a gate walking to my boat and fishing for the day and enjoying the lake is cleaner then grocery shopping at the local stores. You need to show your local ID when launching your boat.

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