CSD trash carts

The new trash carts provided by the Big Bear City Community Services District, right, must be placed 3 feet away from other objects including the recycle bin.

Monday is a busy day for Big Bear City Community Services District. On Sept. 9, the refuse department begins its rollout of the new trash carts to customers within the CSD

The trash carts will be delivered to all refuse customers within the district. The semi-automated refuse collection system moves the CSD into the 21st century in terms of collection. Jon Zamarano, solid waste superintendent for the CSD, said the district is still “old school” in terms of how trash is collected.

With the semi-automated system, trash trucks are equipped with a device that lifts, empties and returns the cart to the ground. It increases efficiency and is safer, according to Zamarano. And increased efficiency saves money.

Each customer will receive a 96-gallon cart, which holds the equivalent of three cans of trash, or 200 pounds, according to Zamarano. If a customer prefers a smaller cart, he or she can call the CSD office to request an exchange.

All trash must be placed in the cart, but not recyclable material. Recycling cans are available and will become mandatory with the new trash system in the CSD.

Each customer is assigned a cart with a serial number and RFID chip for identification. Customers are responsible for maintaining their trash carts.

Delivery of the trash carts will begin the week of Sept. 9. Carts are delivered by trash routes, and it could take several days to deliver each route. As soon as your new trash cart is delivered, Zamarano said you must begin using it. As of Nov. 1, the CSD will no longer pick up trash from cans other than the CSD-supplied trash cart.  The CSD will take the old cans and housing if requested.

For more information, watch the video or call the CSD at 909-585-2565.

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