COVID-19 updates

As of March 28, the number of positive COVID-19 cases is at 76, an increase of 12 from the previous day. The death toll remains at three as of Sunday morning.

On March 28, 12 residents of a Yucaipa nursing facility tested positive and another patient at a nursing facility in Mentone is showing symptoms of the disease. All residents and staff at both sites are slated to be tested, county officials said.

An 89-year-old woman with underlying health issued contracted COVID-19 and died Thursday. She was a resident of the Yucaipa facility.

“This is the first instance we have had in our county of a concentrated COVID-19 outbreak,” said Dr. Erin Gustafson, acting county health officer. She went on to say the county will do everything within its authority to minimize the tragecy the pandemic has to cause in the communities within San Bernardino County.

The outbreak is a signal to those who aren’t taking the coronavirus emergency seriously, Gustafson said. Abiding by the orders to stay home, minimize nonessential contact and social distancing even from people we know and have regular contact is the best hope we have of coming out on the other side of this pandemic, Gustafson said.

Beginning next week, possible as early as March 30, the county department of public health will begin reporting the number of cases within the 24 incorporated cities and towns within San Bernardino County. The information can be found on the county public health department’s COVID-19 online dashboard found at

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