Big Bear, along with the rest of the county and state, is facing an increase in COVID-19 cases. As of July 13, businesses that only recently re-opened were forced to close or take their operations outside. The end date isn’t known.

Gary McBride, San Bernardino County CEO, told the board of supervisors on July 14 that unlike Governor Gavin Newsom’s order July 1 to close indoor dining, bars, museums and other businesses for a minimum of three weeks, the latest closures are indefinite. On July 13, the governor told counties on the monitoring list that gyms, personal care facilities, worship centers, hair and nail salons, noncritical offices and malls must close indoor operations immediately. The governor added the entire state to the closure of restaurants and bars and those sectors in specific counties closed July 1.

Big Bear Lake will enforce the governor’s latest order. The City Council took action to accept federal CARES Act money, which comes with the stipulation to comply with state and local public health orders, according to Frank Rush, city manager.

As of July 13, Big Bear has 28 cumulative cases of COVID-19. Rush said 19 of those cases have been reported since early May. The data was not updated on July 14.

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So the powers that be have decided they'll follow THIS order, huh? No more foot stomping and "We choose to do what we want?" Like in May? Which clearly opened the doors to the doubling of cases up here?

Want to keep residents safe? Close down the rentals.

Want to keep BBL flush with TOT revenue?

Come on up everyone! Because FREEDOM!


Thank you for this comment and you are spot on! Why on earth are the officials being so ignorant on the threat of coronavirus! It could level that mountain in months!

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