Life these days seems like one big question mark. Everything changes with the blink of an eye. Things we believed in the morning we question by lunchtime. We feel confident and safe and at the same time weary and fearful.

Who is right? We do our homework, we do research, we seek expert advice. But COVID-19 is an unknown and the answers are elusive.

For weeks in Big Bear and the entire state we’ve been staying home and doing our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community and beyond. We wash our hands until they are raw. We wear our face coverings, we avoid our family, and we’ve learned to work from home if possible, collect unemployment if not. We’ve learned about homeschooling, we’ve become experts at Zoom meetings and Facebook Live.

Just when we think we’ve figured out the latest rules, data, technology or symptoms, it all changes. There are so many different facets of COVID-19, and a million different opinions. It’s up to us individually to decide how to respond in ways that are best for us and our family, and to follow the rules.

Not everyone agrees with the rules, and many even question the science. But there is little doubt that COVID-19 has spread across the country and around the world and is highly contagious. There is little doubt there are more who have survived the coronavirus than have died as a result. There is little doubt that until we have some sort of way to treat COVID-19, develop a vaccine or develop immunity of some sort, and even then, COVID-19 is here to stay in some form.

We believe that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. We believe that this country was founded on people having different opinions, and this country is diverse in every way possible. We also believe there are valid reasons for rules and regulations.

And in this case, we believe the rules need to be abided by and enforced. We know not everyone will abide by the rules, and that’s the reason enforcement is vital. If we, meaning governing officials and those in a position to enforce, aren’t willing to enforce the rules then those same officials shouldn’t be making the rules.

The rules are worthless if not enforced. And what are we teaching our children if we ignore those who choose to laugh in the face of authority and break the rules?

The rules these days are pretty simple. Stay at home, especially if you are sick. Wear a face covering if you are out doing essential business. Don’t congregate in large groups. Keep your distance — at least 6 feet from the next person.

Just follow the rules and keep yourself and others safe, whether you agree or not. The sooner we all do so, the sooner those rules will go away.

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