On March 1, the single copy rate for the Big Bear Grizzly will increase to $1. It’s the first rate increase on single copy sales in many years.

A number of factors go into making the decision to increase rates, and it’s not done without considering the readership, the advertisers and the community. At nearly 80 years old, the Big Bear Grizzly is still a great value.

We suggest becoming a subscriber. if you aren’t already. to save. An in-county subscription is about 71 cents per issue, which saves you about 28 percent on the annual cost of purchasing your paper at the newsrack or retail outlet.

Supporting the Big Bear Grizzly is supporting community journalism and that support is for Big Bear in general. Your subscription or purchase of the newspaper each week allows us to continue bringing the news about the Big Bear community. It allows local businesses to advertise. The support allows the Big Bear Grizzly and its staff to continue to serve, providing information and connections to what creates the fabric of the community.

A newspaper is vital to the health of a community, especially a community newspaper. The large dailies don’t cover the stories hometown newspapers cover. Broadcast news stations cover the greater metropolitan areas, with soundbites for the smaller communities. And while social media is growing, a community newspaper is a name you can trust. You know the faces behind the bylines. You know the staff, and they know you.

For close to 80 years, the Big Bear Grizzly has been that name you can trust, and we will continue to provide the support you’ve come to count on.

We ask for your continued support of the Big Bear Grizzly as well.

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