Freedom is not free.

Over one hundred people decided to meet to protest shelter in place protocols mandated by the State and County. Is this freedom? Yes and no.

Freedom of speech doesn’t allow you to yell fire in a crowd. Freedom doesn’t allow you to violate protocols brought by professionals that know much more on how to save lives. The protesters ignored them and possibly risked the lives of uncounted people who have been sheltering in place.

You slapped those who have perished and those who have been compliant in the face. I hope their poor decision doesn’t bite them in the back side.

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So... for 20+ years I have been a Full Time resident of Big Bear. I remember when I first moved here and signed-up at BVES, I was asked if I was Full or Part-Time. I checked "Full". Never did I know that the rates varied.. Full being the winner, Part being the loser.

Then Came Taxes, Fees... I saw them increase throughout my time here. That's expected. Looking at the bigger picture, suddenly I was assessed an additional Fire Tax... but I thought I was paying Fire tax through my Property Tax Bill. SURPRISE! Of course Big Bear Fire came to us asking for more after promises of the consolidation of the departments saving us so much. Wow! That promise lasted only a few short years and the hands came-out again asking for MORE!

California voted me out... increased taxes, increased fees, increased more for LESS! But I remained. Finally in 2019 I bought property in Nevada... and I moved my residency accordingly (as did 4 friends from Big Bear in the 3 years from now).

Now I'm told that only Big Bear residents are welcomed here? The Village is effectively shuttered? Am I a resident as a home owner? I remain in doubt regarding that. So... you still want my taxes and utility stand-by fees? You can't have your cake and eat it, too!

Either you love the Residents of Big Bear (odd, while I was full-time all I heard about was getting more tourists here to clog our roads, inconvenience locals and drop their cash), and now you don't want tourists, but part-time homeowners are also not welcomed?

Get your story straight, Big Bear... my money is ready to dump my second home here and go to nicer pastures!


"A slap in the Face"....a little dramatic there fella. The entire world economy has been shut down for yes, a contagious and nasty "flu" variant that negatively affects those with pre-existing conditions or low immunity. Are you getting your orders from Amazon, food delivery or postal mail? if so, it's "ok" in your opinion to shame others then? but hey, that liquor store on the corner is essential? And I have to assume based on your written opinion - you trust your government officials here in Ca. to keep you safe and tell you the truth (ha! ha!)

Hospitals are practically empty, doctors are on furlough, people have and are losing their jobs & businesses which will have far greater adverse affects and than you would opine that free speech is not that important. Benjamin Franklin stated it best - "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither Liberty or Safety."

Practice good hygiene, wear a mask in crowded spaces - be thankful you live in a country where whether you agree with them or not = people have a right to "protest".

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