I have a question for you neighbors in Big Bear Valley. It has to do with rights, you know the kind of rights we all possess —civil, property, Constitutional, moral, etcetera.

We have never been in a pandemic before so there is no history for my question and therefore no previous answer to use as a guideline.

Do property owners have the right to use their weekend property during the current crisis? They will use our grocery stores and service stations along with being close to us. But do they not have the opportunity to bring Covid-19 virus along with them and expose it to those they come in contact with?

When the Governor asks that we stay at home does that mean that second properties are off limits? In asking this of many prior to writing this the answers are mixed, with the majority saying that those with second properties should stay away for the time being.

We have a rather large retirement population with underlying problems over the age of 65 and should not be exposed to the virus if at all possible, not to mention grocery store clerks, service station employees and others that may have contact with those coming up the mountain.

As for myself l believe it is a moral question and the answer is rather simple, would they want more possibly exposed folks in their neighborhoods? In a small valley like ours the potential to spreading of a virus is potentially a death sentence to those that are in the group of over 65, have underlying issues and weakened immune systems.

But there is as always two sides of the coin.

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Hi Tim interesting question. What I would ask you back is how would you like it if I said that people from Sugarloaf cannot come to the Moonridge Neighborhood because you might bring the virus to us? Your assumptions are that people coming to their homes are basically going to be irresponsible and will spread the virus. Flawed logic. The simple fact is is if someone has a property owner you cannot prevent them from going to their property. Aside from that, you’re just going to have to trust that person is going to be responsible enough. And don’t tell me that you’re worried about the tons of cases down in the flatlands. When it comes to proportion of cases per capita, per population Big Bear is off the charts compared to Los Angeles county.


While we're all VERY concerned for the vulnerable among us, I'm growing increasingly alarmed that: 1) Government(s) stepped-in and imposed these restrictions on early (and now we're learning faulty) data about this disease's rate of spread. Was this unfounded? Was this political? 2) I read recently that for every Covid-19 death in the USA 565 fellow Americans lost their jobs. Those that died from this horrible disease were largely vulnerable (some with underlying medical conditions never known until they succumbed to the Covid-19 Virus). Is this moral of leaders to put such a burden on so many for the benefit of so few, many of whom would succumb to common influenza or other disease? 3) Of those now economically impacted, how many will resort to addiction? How many relationships will be shattered? How many will resort to the ultimate horror: Suicide or even worse taking the life of another? 4) How can Government fix this with further stimulation and relief without long-term damage to our Nation? Governments create nothing and live by taxing citizens and businesses. So with the drastically reduced economic activity and lower tax revenues as a result, how can handing-out money work? Answer: Deficit... and a Big One at that! We will be digging out-of this hole for years or decades to come and if you think this will be without casualties, think again! 5) Finally, most states imposed restrictions. Many countries imposed similar or even more draconian restrictions... yet death rates are really not varying much between them all. Was this Worldwide Unfounded/Premature response warranted? History truly will be the judge. Americans pride themselves on personal freedom and liberty. Our Constitution is very clear about rights of the individual, nowhere are groups mentioned. Are these actions by governments across the US (and World) an indictment on Americans doing the right thing and looking out for one another? Are WE not to be trusted to do the right thing and protect our own? Folks: We are in some very uncharted territory here and we're tinkering with the very underlying principles and fundamentals of The United States of America. Nobody wishes harm to those afflicted by this terrible disease, but it sure seems like the harm to everyone else is questionable at best.

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