Now that Measure I has lost, I am wondering when the next dialogue about providing fire service to the Mountain Top is going to take place?

The attempt for the pie in the sky by the Big Bear Fire Authority was ill advised, yet that is what they went for. The ambulance service is one of the major issues that needs addressing. It is a money loser while also being an inefficient way to increase on-the-floor staffing of firefighters. And I am curious as to why several different approaches are not being tried? Why was it all or nothing?

It seems to me that just the increase in funds from the ski resorts and the Transient Occupancy Tax would have been enough to stay with the current program. The 6 cents a foot tax on structures basically would almost double the current budget on the CSD side, which I believe for most residences, the tax would be as much or more than what is already paid per household on the CSD side, yet I do not see an almost doubling of staffing and equipment.

It’s time to have some real talks about this.

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