I’m back. Not that I went anywhere, except home. I just haven’t written an I on Life column for many months. And boy is there a lot of life going on right now.

I celebrated a birthday in January. I had no idea, as did anyone else, what the next five months would be like. February was a busy month with family birthdays and visits to Knott’s Berry Farm and San Diego, still unaware of what would happen. The spread of the coronavirus in China was just beginning to emerge as headlines when we were at Knott’s Berry Farm. I remember talking with my daughters about the need for a common sense approach. Less than a month later, I made the decision to close the Grizzly office, and we all set up shop in our homes.

I’m sure I’m not alone, actually I know I’m not, in discovering working remotely isn’t so bad. In fact, I really enjoy my home office. The commute is short; a trip up or down the stairs takes a few seconds versus a 20 minute drive. I know, it doesn’t take long to get anywhere in Big Bear, but come on, seconds versus minutes is definitely a plus.

And as I write this, I’m really remote. I’m working from my oldest daughter’s home in Central California. We were able to travel to visit her and

her family and still remain isolated on her 40-acre property. Thanks to technology, I can literally work from anywhere. The phones work, the Wi-Fi works — I’m set. Look for some scenic photos from Central California in the Good Morning Big Bear newsletter on Thursday.

I admit, it took some time to adjust to working from home, being apart from family and friends and changing the routines I had come to count on. But I quickly chose to accentuate the positives and not dwell on the negatives. I enjoy making dinner and eating at the dinner table. I love spending time with family. I go walking and hiking with my middle daughter a few times a week, something I would never have had time for several months ago. And while I love my church family at Bear Valley Church, I have to admit I really like church at home. I grab my coffee and computer and sit on the back patio surrounded by nature to listen to the message from Pastor Michael.

Change is the one constant we can count on, and amid a global pandemic the changes have come fast and furious. But not all change is bad. I’m enjoying the changes in my life and the lives of our family. Sure, there are some challenges, but challenges are opportunities in the making. Here’s to opportunities ahead for life and stuff.

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