In 2003, my husband and I sold our home, bought a lot, moved into a rental and planned to build our dream home in Meadowbrook Estates.

By 2004, we realized we had different ideas about the home we were designing, and while we were close enough to being on the same page, there were still a few chapters in-between that were preventing us from writing that final chapter. So we bought a home, sold the lot and that was that.

We are happy in our home, but after 16 years it needs some upgrades. We aren’t considering a full remodel, closer to replacing carpets/flooring, window treatments and the like. It’s also a matter of purging.

I have way too much stuff. Let me say that again, I have way too much stuff. I admire those minimalists whose kitchen counters have nothing but a coffee pot gracing them, the coffee table includes a coaster — maybe — and their closets are neatly organized with plenty of room for everything.

I have cleaned out my closet about five times in the past few months, and my husband still doesn’t have room for any of his clothes. His shirts need ironing after they come home from the cleaners because they are squished inside the closet.

My downfalls are fall and Christmas decorations. I have an entire shed full of Christmas along with three closets. Fall, which includes Halloween and Thanksgiving, fills two shelves and several Rubbermaid containers in the shed and more in the garage.

I have tried Marie Kondo’s KonMari method — well I bought the book and watched the series on Netflix. I am currently reading “Unstuff Your Life.” OK, so I read it periodically.

I can’t say that neither have helped. I have unstuffed quite a few things. I have cleared shelves in the pantry and laundry room. And the kitchen counters and cupboards are mostly clear of clutter. I keep rearranging as I clear the clutter to where no one knows where to find the silverware.

My daughters are my best inspiration. They hate clutter. If I left them alone in my house for a weekend, I would probably come home to a perfectly spotless, uncluttered dream home. But I’m afraid. I know in my heart of hearts I probably wouldn’t miss anything they purged from my closets, cupboards, garage or drawers, but I just can’t do it without having a say.

My middle daughter, Sarah, has helped me to eliminate quite a bit in the past few months. Unfortunately, we need several days uninterrupted. Days without husbands, kids/grandkids, chores, duties, work or anything else — along with a Dumpster — to make a difference.

Since our lives won’t allow the uninterrupted time, I will be purging, unstuffing and KonMari methoding with the help of Sarah as time allows.

I can’t have new flooring until then. And I really want new carpet and new wood floors.

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