Looking Back, June 3, 2020

A wildfire in the Erwin Lake area burned 55 acres during the Memorial holiday weekend. This photo of a fire drop was published in the May 30, 1974, issue of The Grizzly.

   The Big Bear Grizzly turns 80 in 2020. To commemorate the milestone, we’re taking a look back at what happened during various periods the past 80 years.


   1947: Twenty-seven seniors were set to receive their high school diplomas on June 4, according to a story in the May 30, 1947, issue of The Grizzly. The number represented the largest class so far to graduate from Big Bear High.


   1974: Fire burns 55 acres east of Erwin Lake on May 25 according to a story in the May 30, 1974, issue of The Grizzly. Wind-driven flames burned pinon and juniper covered forest land. The fire started alongside Forest Road 2N04 by a smouldering tree that had been struck by lightning the previous Thursday. Fifty-five firefighters and aerial tankers battled the blaze.


   2008: The Miss Liberty tour boat ran aground during a foggy Memorial holiday weekend but thankfully there were no injuries, according to a story in the May 28, 2008, issue of the Big Bear Grizzly. The fog was so bad down by the dam that visibility didn’t go much past the bow, said Lake Patrol officer Dennis Bentson, who answered the distress call. There was no major damage to the boat, which was allowed to operate a couple of days later after undergoing an inspection.

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