Looking Back, May 20, 2020

Firefighters work to knock down a blaze that gutted the landmark Ice House in Big Bear Lake May 16, 1976. The photo and story ran in the May 20, 1976, issue of the Grizzly.


   1945: May 25 and 26 were set aside in the annual custom to honor the war dead through the sale of poppies by members of the Big Bear Lake American Legion Auxiliary, according to the top story in the May 25, 1945, issue of The Grizzly. All proceeds from the sales is given toward rehabilitation of disabled fighting men and to aid the children of dead and disabled veterans.


   1960: Voters in Big Bear Valley were set to vote on a school tax according to the top story in the May 19, 1960, issue of The Grizzly. voters in Bear Valley Unified School District were asked to decide whether or not to raise the maximum tax rate for the district to $3.70 to provide money for general school maintenance and operation and capital outlay. Teachers urged voters to pass the tax hike because it was important funding necessary for the education of the Valley’s youth.


   2003: On May 16, 2002, Big Bear Middle School students presented a check to Captain John Salka and Captain Butch Cobb, representing Rescue 3 from New York City. One year later, Cobb and Salka returned to the middle school for Celebrating Our Heroes, an assembly that honored the men and women who died on Sept. 11, and all firefighters, law enforcement personnel, paramedics and emergency workers. The Big Bear Grizzly covered the event as the top story in the May 21, 2003, issue.

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