Looking Back, May 27, 2020

Fawnskin Lodge celebrated its 25th anniversary under the ownership of the Wilson family in this ad from the May 27, 1971, issue of The Grizzly.

   The Big Bear Grizzly turns 80 in 2020. To commemorate the milestone, we’re taking a look back at what happened during various periods the past 80 years.


   1952: Southern California Water Company filed an application with the Public Utilities Commission for rate increases in water and electricity in the Bear Valley district, according to a story in the May 29, 1952, issue of the Grizzly. The utility representative explained that rates had not been raised in the previous 23 years.


   1971: Unpredictable weather including snow kept most visitors away from Big Bear during the Memorial holiday weekend, according to a story in the June 3, 1971, issue of The Big Bear Life and Grizzly. Visitors numbered slightly more than 80,000 according to US Forest Service counts, a decrease of 9 percent from the previous year.


   1994: The top story in the Big Bear Grizzly on May 25, 1994, was the resignation of Henry Harvey as Big Bear Lake city manager. Harvey, who held the position of city manager and administrative services director, was being paid $125,000, according to the story. “I could have been city manager of a city 10 times the size of Big Bear Lake and suffered maybe 20 percent of the aggravation I have experienced here,” Harvey said.

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