Looking Back, Jan. 15, 2020

The stories making headlines Jan. 3, 1991 included the end of obstetric services at the hospital, traffic at a standstill on Big Bear Boulevard, Water pipes freezing during winter storms, and Big Bear's holiday skiing was best in the state.

The Big Bear Grizzly turns 80 in 2020. To commemorate the milestone, we’re taking a look back at what happened during various time periods through the past 80 years.


The Jan. 21, 1944, issue of The Grizzly, the story Dump Warning reports on a notice issued by Big Bear Ranger Station regarding illegal dumping.

“To persons who have been dumping refuse and cans along the roadside enroute to the dump at Baldwin Lake ... such procedure must stop. The road is now open to the dump, and all trash must be hauled to that area or held during storms until it is possible to get there. Violaters are being checked by Forestry officials in an effort to stop the practice, particularly dumping on Cushenberry Grade,” the notice read.


Bear Valley residents voted to form the Big Bear Municipal Water District on Jan. 7, 1964. The agency didn’t become a reality until Jan. 31 after battling a restraining order challenging the ownership of the bottom of the lake. The certification deadline was almost missed until district director Warren J. Smithson caught a ride to Ontario Airport from a sheriff’s car, with sirens blaring, so he could make his flight and deliver certification to Sacramento.


The winter storms of 1993 made headlines in the Jan. 21 issue of the Big Bear Grizzly. “Snow, floods hit Big Bear” told the story of water rushing into homes and major damage to homes and roads during the previous week.

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