Looking Back, July 8, 2020

Earthquake damage from the 1992 earthquake was the top news in the July 8, 1992, issue of the Big Bear Grizzly.


   1945: A party representing mountain and Redlands business interests toured the wilderness on horseback to look at the location for a proposed federal highway from Mill Creek Canyon into Big Bear Valley, according to the top story in the July 6, 1945, issue of The Grizzly. The highway was proposed as a “major postwar project to further the development of recreation in the timberlands.” The party included San Bernardino National Forest supervisor W.A. Peterson and US Bureau of Public Roads engineer Wendell Struble.


   1981: It was crowded in Big Bear for the Fourth of July holiday, according to the top story in the July 9, 1981, issue of the Big Bear Life and Grizzly. According to the US Forest Service, the total number of vehicles to enter Big Bear Valley from noon July 2 to noon July 5 was 22,738. This number of vehicles represented approximately 68,214 people according to Forest Service estimates.


   1992: The July 9, 1992, issue of the Big Bear Life & Grizzly was filled with stories of the aftermath of the Big Bear earthquake that rocked the Valley on June 28 of that year. From information on disaster services for Valley residents to warnings of unqualified or unlicensed contractors, the Grizzly offered information to help the community. The Grizzly was affected as well, after the Grizzly building at 554 Pine Knot Avenue was declared unsafe. The newspaper office moved editorial, classified and part of the production department temporarily to the Evergreen Studio across from Big Bear Middle School. The rest of the production department set up shop in the living room of Rose Mary Merrigan while ad reps and the business department worked out of their cars and homes. On July 3, the Grizzly moved again, this time to the former Lake Appliance building at 41491 Big Bear Blvd.

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