There are more questions than answers for Big Bear High School athletes participating in spring sports following the closure of schools in the Bear Valley Unified School District until April 13 because of COVID-19.

One answer is clear. All sporting events on the schedule for track, golf, baseball and softball teams are postponed at least until April 13, if not longer. Athletic director Dave Griffiths said every school and league is waiting to see what decisions are made during a California Interscholastic Federation meeting was set for March 17 in Sacramento. All 10 CIF sections will be represented at the meeting, Griffiths said. The meeting was expected to extend to Wednesday, March 18.

“At that point, the Cross Valley League ADs have plans to get together and go from there,” Griffiths said.

Other schools in the CVL are also closed for several weeks. University Prep, Riverside Prep and CIMS are tentatively scheduled to resume classroom studies on March 30. Students at the Academy for Academic Excellence aren’t expected to return to class until April 6. Excelsior Charter is out until at least April 20.

Big Bear High School sports are governed by the CIF Southern Section. On March 12, the section commissioner Rob Wigod issued a statement regarding COVID-19.

“The CIF Southern Section is too large, both by number of schools and by geographic area, to have a one size fits all response to this virus,” Wigod wrote. “As of this moment, there is no plan by the CIF Southern Section to cancel or reschedule upcoming events. Individual school site administrators and their leadership will guide us in this regard. If this situation continues into spring championships, when those events come directly under the control of the CIF Southern Section office, we will address those concerns in advance of that time.”

Wigod said the March 17 meeting agenda is to discuss the possible impact of COVID-19 on the upcoming spring season.

“Every day the situation changes,” Griffiths said. “Our biggest concern right now is track and field. There are no state playoffs for baseball or softball. The question is does (CIF State) want to look at pushing back playoffs?”

As of March 16, Griffiths said school athletic directors in the CVL are waiting and watching what happens at the state meeting. Until things become more clear, all Big Bear High School athletic events and practices are completely shut down, Griffiths said.

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