Before the CIF Southern Section can finalize its 2020-21 sports calendar, local school districts and leagues must first weigh their options. It’s a domino effect that can be interrupted by COVID-19 and subsequent state and county health orders.

Step one, according to CIF Southern Section commissioner Rob Wigod, is for individual school districts to decide what the 2020-21 school year will be. “What does it look like when school starts?” Wigod said.

For Bear Valley Unified School District, there are several options on the table that include going back to the classroom full time, a part-time classroom schedule coupled with distance learning, and full distance learning. In the past, when the Big Bear High School campus is closed, restrictions are placed on team practices and games.

Athletic Director Dave Griffiths said, for now, nothing has changed. “Our dead period ends June 26,” Griffiths said. The dead period is a 14-day restriction prohibiting sports teams from practicing after the end of the school year. But that doesn’t mean football, volleyball, cross-country, girls golf and tennis teams will start getting in shape for the fall season. It will depend on health guidelines from the county superintendent and local school district regarding small gatherings, Griffiths said. “We are looking at all the education policies and different ways to resume,” he said. “There are a lot of good ideas out there right now. We are just looking for direction from the district. The No. 1 question is how we’re going to look on Aug. 1.”

Bear Valley Unified School District superintendent Mary Suzuki said the first priority is determining what the academic school year will look like. That decision won’t be made until early or mid July, according to Suzuki. In the current situation, the district is working to determine how PE at schools will be handled, Suzuki said.

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